Vanilla Soaps

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Vanilla soaps appeal to everyone in the family. Kids love the sweet and cozy scent of vanilla soaps. Grown ups find it very appealing, too. Vanilla is often used as a base scent in perfumes. If you don't like wearing perfumes or colognes, you may want to bathe with all natural, vanilla soaps. That way you can scent your skin with just the subtlest taste of sweetness.

Vanilla Soaps Online

The best place to buy handmade soaps is over the Internet. You can find a fantastic variety of all natural products online. I like buying all natural soaps that take advantage of the natural ingredients found in an area. For instance, after a trip to the Boundary Water Canoe Area many years ago, I brought home scented soaps that had been made with some of the natural ingredients native to that area. I brought home a few fabulous blueberry soaps, as well as some refreshing pine soaps.

If you live in the city, far from the natural bounty of the wilderness, the Internet is a must for ordering soaps. If you visit a bath and body store, chances are the soaps you buy have not been truly handmade. They may be all natural, and they may look handmade, but they will most likely be mass-produced.

I prefer ordering my soap from small soap makers. I find that their products are far superior to the soaps produced by larger companies. The easiest way for me to order handmade soaps from small companies is online.

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