Ankle Socks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Ankle socks are a great compromise when you want the comfort and cushioning of cotton socks, but you don't want bulky athletic socks ruining your outfit. Anklets look practically invisible when worn with sneakers or other lace-up shoes. Although anklets were long considered the province of women, girls and young boys, men have finally started getting in on the act!

Ankle Socks and Men's Fashions

At least in the big American cities, men seem to love their shoes almost as much as women do. A lot of my male friends here in Los Angeles have three or four pairs of sneakers. They usually only wear one of these pairs for running, shooting hoops, or other athletics. Mostly, my guy friends wear their cool sneakers as fashion shoes.

Of course, a really cool pair of kicks doesn't always look so great with a pair of white tube socks, especially if the guy is wearing shorts. The more fashionable men I know have started wearing ankle socks. They are just as comfortable as sports socks, but they are nearly invisible to the eye.

Any man who wears sneakers without socks for reasons of vanity should simply wear ankle socks instead. Women have been in on this secret for years! Why should you have to sacrifice fashion for comfort, or vice versa?

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