Athletic Socks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Athletic socks do a lot to protect and support the feet of hard-working athletes. Whether the athlete in question is an Olympic champion or your six-year old soccer star is beside the point. Every athlete, young and old, needs comfortable cotton sports socks to absorb sweat, fight food odors, and pamper the feet.

Athletic Socks for Support

Consider athletic socks and the jogger. Joggers, sprinters, and runners wear cotton socks to help cushion the blow of their footfalls. Running around the block barely affects the feet, but try running a marathon! Without athletic socks, runners are apt to sustain shin splints, spurs, possible ligament or tendon damage, as well as a host of other ailments.

It's important to keep the body warm when it is being pushed to the limit. In addition to providing a cushion, sports socks keep the feet warm during practice. Warm bodies are better able to stop on a dime, jump, shift, adjust and push it to the limit. Finally, socks will also protect the athletes feet from annoying pebbles, calluses, blisters and corns.

I recommend buying your socks in bulk. Socks are one of those items that people never find the time to buy. How many of us inadvertently end up with thin, worn, holey socks? Buy them in bulk, and you can get away with sock shopping as little as once every year or two.

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