Boot Socks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Boot socks are usually thicker and warmer than crew socks or cotton tube socks. Many boot socks are made of wool, or a wool blend. Wool can be very itchy, so if you plan on buying wool socks, try to buy quality. The better the quality of wool sock, the less likely it is to itch.

Thick Boot Socks

Thick socks are superior for hiking. How often in life do we ask our feet to endure three or four hours of intense effort? The special circumstances and demands of hiking require special socks, to protect and support the feet. Thick boot socks give feet the extra cushion they need.

A bad blister can quickly ruin a hike. It's hard to concentrate on the falling leaves and babbling brooks when your blisters are absolutely killing you. The same goes for a pebble in the hiking boot! Thick socks help ensure that your good time doesn't turn into a painful disaster.

Good socks will also help keep your feet dry. When socks successfully wick moisture away from your feet, your hike is likely to be much more comfortable and enjoyable. Dry feet are more hygienic, more comfortable, and are able to go the distance.

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