Golf Socks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Golf socks can help you play your very best right up to the 18th hole--or the 36th hole! Golf socks can improve your game in a number of ways. First, good athletic socks are comfortably padded. The cushioning they offer will help prevent the aches and pains that can take the joy out of your game.

It's amazing just how many of us suffer from near-constant foot ache. It's as if aching feet are considered unavoidable. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you had a tooth that constantly ached, you would visit the dentist. The same should hold true for your feet. If your feet ache all the time, it is because something is wrong with them--something that might easily be cured by a better choice of sports socks.

Golf Socks and Breathability

Along with feet that ache, many of us deal with hot feet that itch, and annoying socks that bunch and chafe. Good golf socks all have a few important qualities in common. First, they don't bunch. The socks are designed with the right balance of cotton to acrylic, to give it the right combination of comfort and staying power.

Second, good socks breathe. They keep your feet cool and dry, even on the hottest of courses, in the sunniest weather. Finally, good socks have seams that never chafe. They are designed to prevent irritation at all times.

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