Running Socks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Running socks are built a bit differently than other sports socks. First of all, socks designed for long distance running are usually built quite thin. They are light and thin, yet incredibly strong and supportive. Running socks are often a bit pricier than your typical tube athletic socks, because they need to do more, yet have less room to do it in.

Breathable Running Socks

Running socks need to be incredibly breathable. Don't kid yourself--25 miles into a marathon, your feet are hot! They need to absorb sweat. They need to breathe to keep feet cool. They also need to be constructed in such a way that they don't immediately wear out in those couple of spots where you apply the most pressure, the spots where your feet usually end up blistered and callused.

A running sock also needs to be durable. The toes and heels should be heavily reinforced, yet light. These socks endure more in one day out than other socks do in a month. Pounding pavement for an hour or two is tough on socks, so you need a running sock that can take it.

Make sure you change your running shoes often, as well. Good socks are not enough. You cannot let yourself act lazy or cheap when it comes to replacing running shoes.

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