Sheer Socks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Sheer socks have their charms. For instance, women can wear sheer socks instead of knee high pantyhose with their longer skirts or their trousers. These dress socks offer the good looks of hose with the comfort, ease and support of socks.

Sheer Socks for Men and Women

Women can wear these socks with everything from trousers to full-length dresses or skirts. Men, however, can also wear sheer socks. One of the things I really like about these men's socks is the patterns. A lot of them are fun socks with interesting patterns decorating the sheer fabric. The result is a kind of retro, 1950s look. The sheer sock can be very hip when worn with men's leather dress shoes or loafers.

Of course, I wouldn't recommend wearing this type of sock every day. I think cotton socks offer a lot more support and comfort. They certainly are better able to absorb sweat and control foot odors than sheer nylon socks. Cotton is generally best worn against the feet, or even a cotton and acrylic blend. Strictly acrylic fabrics, though attractive, are not ideal for everyday wear.

I have noticed a trend in fashion lately toward wearing sheer nylon socks that are cut just above the ankle. Many young people in their 20s who were too young to remember living through the 1980s themselves, have begun wearing flippant, '80s-inspired fashions. These include sheer anklets worn with high heels. The look is flip, fun and very cool.

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