Thick Socks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Although I originally bought my thick socks to wear while hiking, I quickly started wearing them for lounging around the house. I have never been a big fan of slippers, but I found that thick socks were just the thing to keep my feet warm and comfortable. Some of my favorite lounge-around-the-house socks are boot socks, made of a wool and acrylic blend.

My other favorite thick socks are made of cotton. Nothing beats cotton socks for comfort. They offer superior absorption, great breathability, and are excellent for wicking away moisture.

Thick Socks as Gifts

Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the best. A good rule of thumb when buying gifts is to buy your friends and family a better quality of product than they might buy for themselves. In other words, if your sister normally buys herself plain old, cheap, cotton socks, you can treat her to a pair of really thick, luxurious ones.

It's a simple gift, but one that folks appreciate. You can toss a pair of novelty socks into a care package for your son or daughter, away at school. You can even give a good, thick pair of wool or cotton socks to a coworker at Secret Santa time.

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