Wool Socks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wool socks are great for extreme cold. The extreme weather changes which often accompany long hikes are part of what make wool socks the sock of choice for hikers. The difficulty is in finding wool that is comfortable and relatively itch-free.

Itch-Free Wool Socks

Wool is a notoriously itchy fabric. Of course, some wools are itchier than others. Merino is a soft, luxurious wool that is great for sweaters. It also makes excellent wool socks. You can even find merino socks that are lined. These luxury socks allow feet to breathe at the warm, summery base of the mountain, and keep feet toasty warm at the freezing top of the mountain.

Of course, wool is not as absorbent as cotton. For everyday use, cotton socks are still the best. Doctors recommend cotton for its protective, drying and warming properties. Plus, cotton doesn't itch your feet!

When purchasing socks made of wool, it's important to buy quality. You can usually get away with buying inexpensive cotton athletic socks, but you'll be much happier if you don't look for the least expensive wool ones. Luckily, you probably only need a few pairs of good woolen socks in your wardrobe. Unless you are a serious hiker or climber, a few pairs should do the trick.

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