Body Building Stretch Marks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Body building stretch marks are no joke. A lot of body builders are surprised when they notice angry, purplish-red marks developing on the skin across their growing muscles. They may assume these marks are due to irritation from sweating at the gym, or from overexertion. However, as time marches on and the marks refuse to go away, the unpleasant realization sinks in: these body building stretch marks are going to be permanent.

Why Body Building Stretch Marks Occur

What causes body builder stretch marks? First, let's consider the largest organ in the body, and one of the most complex--the skin. The skin is absolutely amazing in its ability to stretch. As we grow older, however, our skin's elasticity diminishes.

The basic building block of skin is a protein known as collagen. It allows skin to bind. Another protein essential to skin is elastin. It gives skin its ability to stretch. The higher the levels of collagen and elastin in the body, the further the skin will be able to stretch. Body building stretch marks occur when collagen and elastin levels are too low. The skin is stretched too far, too fast, and then tears, as a result of its inflexibility.

These tiny tears heal, and are replaced with scar tissue. These wavy little lines of scar tissue are, you guessed it, stretch marks. The best way to prevent them is to give the skin more of what it needs to stretch--collagen and elastin. Creams which are rich in collagen and elastin prevent striae. The more potent the levels of these proteins, the more effective the cream will be.

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