Pregnancy Stretch Mark Creams

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Pregnancy stretch mark creams give your skin the elasticity it needs to prevent striae, or stretch marks. You should rub these stretch mark creams on your belly, twice a day, every day. A lot of couples make a ritual of it. The husband gently rubs the cream into his wife's belly, morning and night. It's a nice opportunity for the man to take an active role in the changes occurring in his wife's body, and for the couple to celebrate and anticipate the growing bump and baby.

Of course, pregnancy stretch mark creams vary widely in their effectiveness. Some pregnancy stretch mark creams, like cocoa butter creams, are nothing more than moisturizers. Moisturizers can, in fact, give the skin a bit of added elasticity, but their potency is limited at best.

Elastin Pregnancy Stretch Mark Creams

Other stretch mark creams for pregnant mothers are made not merely with moisturizers, but with essential proteins. These essential proteins usually include elastin or collagen. Collagen is the building block of skin. Elastin is a protein found in skin that gives it its elasticity. By rubbing high levels of these proteins directly into the skin, you greatly increase your skin's ability to stretch.

Stretch marks are nothing more than the scar tissue which accompanies the little tears of skin that has been stretched beyond its limits. Increase the limits, and you'll successfully avoid the striae. How do you increase your skin's elasticity and ability to stretch? You increase its elasticity by increasing its levels of elastin.

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