Stomach Stretch Marks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Stomach stretch marks can make you feel too embarrassed to wear a bikini on the beach, to change in front of others at the gym, or even to undress in front of your husband. Stomach stretch marks are incurred as a result of extreme weight gain and loss, often due to pregnancy. Pregnancy stretch marks can leave ugly, reddish purple marks all over your hips and breasts, but are particularly likely to affect your belly.

How Stomach Stretch Marks Happen

What causes ugly stretch marks? How can they be prevented? Can stretch marks go away if you already have them, particularly if you've had them for years?

Stretch marks are caused when the skin is pushed beyond its ability to stretch, resulting in tiny tears. When these tears heal, they are replaced with scar tissue. These rippled and discolored scars are what we call striae, or stretch marks. Because scar tissue contains less pigment than normal skin, they stay paler than the rest of your skin when you tan. Striae often begin as red, angry ripples, which turn into silvery white ripples as the years go by.

The skin is a remarkable organ. It's not only the largest organ in the body, but also one of the most complex. Collagen and elastin, two proteins that give skin its binding nature and elasticity, allow the skin to stretch to extremes. Stomach stretch marks occur when our bodies lack the requisite amounts of collagen and elastin. In order to prevent stretch marks, rub a high quality lotion of elastin and collagen into vulnerable areas, twice per day. You can use this same cream to repair striae that have already occurred.

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