Stretch Mark Creams

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Stretch mark creams vary greatly in their effectiveness. Some manufacturers sell stretch mark creams which are nothing more than plain old, ordinary moisturizers. Pregnant women often get suckered into paying a lot of money for products that aren't any more effective than the body lotions they'd pick up at the local pharmacy.

Effective Stretch Mark Creams

Other stretch mark creams are really quite effective. These creams usually contain either elastin, collagen, or a combination of the two. Collagen and elastin are both proteins found naturally in the skin. These protein fibers give skin its elasticity, and its ability to bind.

These collagen and elastin creams aid in the prevention of stretch marks, as well as the repair of stretch marks. They promote cell regeneration, and aid in the thickening of the epidermal layer. These are qualities which give skin greater elasticity, thereby preventing striae.

They are also qualities which improve the look and feel of a scar's appearance, thereby aiding in stretch mark repair. The more potent the levels of collagen and elastin, the more potent the cream will be. Many women who use these creams during pregnancy end up using them after they give birth, because they find that the creams improve skin's performance everywhere, including the face.

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