Stretch Mark Removal

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Stretch mark removal should be dramatic, without being traumatic. Some people hate their stretch marks so profoundly that they are willing to undergo surgery to have them removed. Not only is surgery expensive, but it's very demanding on the body, and always includes an element of risk.

Although surgery is a viable option for stretch mark removal, it isn't a particularly wise option. The simplest and probably the best way to remove stretch marks is with the use of stretch mark creams. Since stretch mark creams range from the truly effective to the positively worthless, make sure any cream you buy comes with a money back guarantee. There are creams out there which really do work, so don't settle for ones that don't.

Stretch Mark Removal and the Building Blocks of Skin

Two of the most important building blocks in skin are the proteins collagen and elastin. Collagen is the protein that binds skin together, and elastin is the protein that gives it elasticity. Creams that include both elastin and collagen can dramatically encourage cell regeneration.

Greater cell regeneration means better repair. The result is stretch mark repair so successful, it's akin to stretch mark removal. In addition to cell regeneration, users can expect a thickening of the epidermal layer, which will greatly minimize the rippled appearance of striae.

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