Stretch Marks From Weight Gain

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Stretch marks from weight gain only add to your growing dissatisfaction with your body. Stretch marks from weight gain can be particularly troubling when you eventually lose all the weight you've gained. You've worked so hard to get back to a healthy, attractive weight, yet you still don't feel comfortable at the beach, changing at the gym, or even changing in front of your wife or husband. Your stretch marks are just as embarrassing as your excess weight ever was.

Preventing Stretch Marks from Weight Gain

If you are putting on a great deal of weight, you can take simple precautions against developing stretch marks. Perhaps you've finally quit smoking, and now you're packing on the pounds. You know that this period of overeating is only going to be temporary. Eventually, you'll return to your normal way of eating, and your normal weight. Make sure you don't take any permanent souvenirs from this period of temporary excess. A good anti stretch marks cream can help you avoid stretch marks from weight gain.

A good cream is one with high levels of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are two proteins which occur naturally in the body. They give skin its binding nature, and its elasticity. Increase the skin's elasticity by increasing the elastin levels, and you can prevent stretch marks altogether. You can raise your collagen and elastin levels by simply rubbing it in, twice a day.

Stretch marks occur because the skin actually tears when it's stretched beyond its limits. These tears are replaced with ugly, discolored, rippled scar tissue, also known as striae, or stretch marks. Avoid the tears, and you'll never get the marks.

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