Ho'okiba Maui Jim Sunglasses

Written by Jill Morrison
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Ho'okiba Maui Jim sunglasses are a popular style of sunglasses. Maui Jim sunglasses feature stylish and durable frames and lenses. Lenses are all scratch-resistant and anti-glare because of the PolarizedPlus technology that is used in the design.

Characteristics of Ho'okiba Maui Jim Sunglasses

Ho'okiba Maui Jim sunglasses is named after a well-known windsurfing spot in Maui. The waves reach up to 20 feet during the winter season. If you are not an experienced windsurfer, you may want to observe these waves in a nice pair of Ho'okiba shades instead.

Ho'okiba sunglasses fall into the MJ Sport, polycarbonate lens category of Maui Jim sunglasses. They are designed for males with a rectangular wrap shape in frame. These sunglasses will especially compliment round or oval-shaped faces.

Ho'okiba Maui Jim sunglasses are made from bendable nylon with 8-base coverage and a rimless look. Frames are available in tortoise or gloss black colors. Lenses are available in Maui rose, grey, or HCL bronze.

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