Maui Jim Cyclone

Written by Jill Morrison
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Maui Jim Cyclone is a style of sunglasses. Maui Jim sunglasses are protective and durable so they can withstand activity, water, and long hours in the sun. The sunglasses are made in Hawaii and are designed for tropical climates.

Maui Jim Cyclone Characteristics

Maui Jim Cyclone sunglasses are a classic style, made of glass. They feature an 8-base wrap style, which is ideal for smaller faces. The design of the glasses allows for use by males and females.

Cyclones have a rectangular, wrapped frame shape. The frames compliment round faces, oval faces, or faces with small features. The sunglasses are versatile, so that you can use them in during sports, or while relaxing in the sun.

Maui Jim Cyclone sunglasses are named after the tropical storm, cyclone. The sunglasses should make an equal impact on customers as a tropical storm would to any area. All Maui Jim sunglasses are scratch and glare resistant for incredible protection.

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