Maui Jim Sun Glasses

Written by Jill Morrison
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Maui Jim sun glasses are popular because they are stylish, yet durable and protective. The sunglasses are made in Hawaii and are named after their mascot, Jimmy the macaw. Maui Jim glasses are designed to withstand water, activities, and long hours in the sun.

Characteristics of Maui Jim Sun Glasses

Maui Jim sun glasses are available in several different styles. You can choose the right style for you by considering your lifestyle, gender, style preferences, and color preferences. You should also consider the shape of your face before purchasing certain sun glasses.

Maui Jim lenses are very protective. They are made with PolarizedPlus technology which blocks 100% of UV rays and minimizes glare. The lenses are also coated with hydrophobic layers to repel water from lenses.

Maui Jim sun glasses offer different color options for lenses. You can choose between Maui rose, HCL (High Contrast Lens), and neutral grey. All lenses are anti-glare and scratch resistant.

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