Written by Jill Morrison
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Persol is a high quality brand of sunglasses. They are frequently considered to have a "famous look." The different models range from elegant to sleek metal.

Persol Characteristics

Persol sunglasses are offered in two different style collection. The Acetate collection includes sophisticated designs. The Metal collection offers clean cut lines in frame design.

Frames and lenses are available in many different colors as well. Frame color choices include dark brown, gunmetal, black, natural, light pewter, light brown, champagne, cedar, soft plum, and tortoise. Lenses are available in many colors as well and the most common colors are grey, brown, and black.

All Persol sunglasses are polarized to minimize glare. They will protect your eyes from the glare of reflective surfaces as well, such as snow, water, and the road. These sunglasses also offer protection from harmful UV rays.

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