Camp Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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You can have a lot of fun with camp shirts. They don't have to be as stuffy as school uniforms. Camp is about the outdoors and exploring nature. There are, however, other camps for specific purposes. These could be tennis camps, band camps, theatre camps and more. No matter what kind of camp, there is usually fun to be had. The shirts should reflect this. They should also reflect the overall experience.

Some of you may be asking how you do this. I suggest first coming up with color of the shirts. If you are out in the wilderness for a couple of weeks, green is always appropriate. Brown isn't bad either. For theatre or band you might want to go with brighter colors. If you are working with a more academic camp, black shirts with gold or silver writing can be quite fetching. Ultimately, though, it's personal preference.

Camp Shirts That Stand Out

Camp shirts serve several purposes. At most camps, the campers are divided into groups. This might be done by age, grade, cabins or randomly. In order to keep these groups from wandering apart, you might want to have separate color shirts for each one. This is especially good if there are lots of people at the camp. It's also not a bad idea to choose bright colors if your groups will be in the woods. You can find any lone traveler quite easily.

The logo or design you put on your camp shirts should reflect the camp. I know of a camp called Treetops. They have, logically, the tops of trees on their shirts. For a band camp, you might want musical notes, instruments or the back of a conductor waving his wand.

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