Cheerleader Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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It is very important that cheerleader shirts look alike. Whether your team is cheering at a local football game, a pep rally or headed to a national competition the goal is to be in unison. You want your cheerleaders making the same movements at the same time. You want them to be exact. Shirts that all look exactly alike will help in the overall appearance of the team staying together.

One way to make cheerleader shirts look alike is to use straight lines and rigid designs. If you choose something that is too wavy or blends together, like a tie-dye, you will loose a bit of the uniform look. This is why you see many cheerleading teams with double or triple stripes around the neck of the shirt. I have seen these stripes in the shape of a "V" on countless shirts.

You obviously want your cheerleader shirts to resemble the team being cheered for. However, you don't want the shirts to be too busy. Try sticking with just two colors. If you have to go with three, make a little splash of a third color. Perhaps put that color just around the sleeves or bottom of the shirt. To fit it with the outfit, add socks and a hair tie of that color.

Ordering Cheerleader Shirts

It's best to order these shirts based on the needs of the individual cheerleaders. Theses shirts definitely need to fit well. Loose shirts can hinder jumps and tricks. Tight shirts can hinder movements in general. Ask the company you are ordering from if their sizes run small or large. This will help you avoid returns.

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