Custom T-shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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Custom t-shirts are great for so many things. They can create team spirit. They can make a group feel closer and more professional. They can help you find all your teammates in a big crowd. Whatever event or purpose you are looking for, custom shirts can satisfy. You will also have these shirts for a long time. I am well out of high school and I wear one of my many custom shirts from that time of my life every few days.

When ordering custom t-shirts, there are several questions and concerns that arise. Do you have to order a certain number? How many colors can you get? What kind of logos or artwork can be done? Will this be a hassle that should be skipped? Luckily, there are very simple answers for all of these questions. No, you do not have to skip getting custom shirts because you think it will be a hassle. With the right company, it is quite simple.

With many custom design places, you do not have to order a specific number. However, the more you order, the less you will be paying per shirt. This does not mean that you should order 100 if you only need five. If you need 80, look at the price difference between that and 100 shirts. You might get a better deal with the higher number.

Designing Custom T-Shirts

The way you design your custom t-shirts is up to you. Some people like to make things quick and easy by ordering pre-designed shirts. Other people already have a logo that they want printed. Certain groups may have a shirt-designing contest. If you hold a contest, pick a theme or a general message that you want to get across. Have people draw designs and have the group vote.

Whether you have a drawing or a floppy disk with a logo, most companies will be able to comply with your request. If you come across a company that is unable to do what you need, just try another one. You will find one that works with you. The company you choose to do your custom t-shirts should be easy to work with. If they have a simple, clear way of ordering and processing a request, go with them.

One big issue with custom t-shirts is cost. Many custom shirts are made for schools, school events, or local teams. There isn't a lot of money to be thrown around. Here are a few tips on saving money with your shirts. First, buy in bulk. Unless you only need a few shirts, this should keep some cash in your wallet. Second, order your design in all one color. If the thrust of your design concerns lots of color, this is obviously not an option.

Ordering Custom T-Shirts

You can ask the company if they have any special discounts currently available. Some places will get in extra shipments of shirts that they don't need. If this happens, they will probably have a sale if you order that particular color and/or size. In addition, make sure you shop around. You want the best deal available so you still have some money left over to do other things.

Another way you can minimize your costs with custom t-shirts is to take individual orders. For instance, let's say you want shirts for your softball team. Tell the team members about the shirts. Then, pass out an order form, provided by the company, and have each person fill in the size he or she wants. This will allow you to order the exact number of t-shirts that you need. You won't have to guess and overspend.

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