Fraternity T-shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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Fraternity t-shirts can be much louder and more obnoxious in terms of design than sorority T-shirts. This is just a basic fact. This is how it was when I was in college, which wasn't too long ago. This is how it was whenever I visited friends at college. This is how it is now. Now, I don't mean so obnoxious that other people walk by the shirts and get visibly offended. However, there is something a little more "boyish," shall we say, about fraternity shirts.

For fraternity t-shirts, you generally want to choose bold colors like green, orange, blue and red. I would stay away from pastel colors. Many guys can pull off a pale yellow, though. It doesn't look too effeminate, and, with the right logo, can actually look quite masculine. Now, if you are creating shirts for rushees, that is an entirely different story. You can use whatever colors you please. These shirts are supposed to be a little embarrassing, in keeping with the spirit of rushing a fraternity.

Say it Proud with Fraternity T-Shirts

Since most guys in a fraternity are proud of that fact, they want to show off which ones they are in. The best way to do this is to wear a shirt. However, you can't wear fraternity t-shirts all year. As the days get colder, it's a good idea to offer sweatshirts to all the brothers. I went to school near the ocean, so I saw plenty of fraternity guys wearing their hooded zip-ups down by the sand.

A fun idea to inspire school spirit is to create a t-shirt that combines the name of the fraternity with the name of the school mascot. For example, you might want to have shirts for homecoming or a game with a big rival that say something to the effect of, "SAE loves the (mascot name)!" It's a great way to mix both college staples.

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