Fundraising Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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Fundraising shirts are a great way to make money for any cause, especially for school athletics or academic clubs. There are many ways in which to use shirts to make your fundraising more successful. For some fundraisers, you can give a t-shirt as a complimentary gift when someone donates a certain amount of money. I did the Alzheimer's walk a couple of years ago. I received a free shirt after I signed up and got some people on my walking team. The shirt was a great way to put me in the spirit of the event.

Having Fun with Fundraising Shirts

People love getting free shirts. It means they have something to wear to bed, when doing something messy and fun like painting, or just on a casual day out. Then there are the kinds of shirts that you wear with pride. These would be shirts for school sports teams or academic clubs. You can use fundraising shirts for football, baseball, wrestling, volleyball, band, choir, drama club, school events and more.

In fact, using fundraising shirts for school events is a perfect idea. Perhaps you want to put together the best prom or homecoming ever. However, you discover that you are short on funds. These are events that students get very excited about. They are social activities where the students don't have to worry about doing homework or taking tests. They want these events to happen every day.

This means that they will likely want to purchase shirts geared towards these days. Not only that, the shirts serve as great keepsakes for later years. When you open your drawer and pull out a shirt that says, "Prom '98," you are flooded with memories. To make the most of your fundraiser, have a few options for people to purchase. Get some tank tops as well. The more variety you have, the better you will do.

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