Gym Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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Gym shirts are a great idea. I went to a school where we had to provide our own, but I would have loved them to have been provided for us. Most students own shirts, but not ones that they would like for gym class. There are several main categories of shirts owned by students. The first is pajama shirts. These are shirts that you wouldn't dare wear in public. They probably have themes like the seventh grade water balloon toss. In addition, they are probably stained.

Another category is nice shirts. These are the t-shirts that you like to wear with jeans. They are semi-dressy even if they are just shirts. The third group of shirts may appear to be gym shirts, but are far from them. These shirts look ragged and worn. However, they are used as a fashion statement. By the owner and wearer, they are never intended to be worn while playing flag football.

Gym Shirts for Your Class

If this is the first year you are getting gym shirts, or you are updating old ones, I suggest taking a poll of all your classes to see what colors they prefer. Darker is usually better. Keep in mind that the students will be sweating in many of your classes. You don't want anything that will suddenly turn see-through. Also, try not to get fabric that is too thick. You want them to be covered, but not itchy and extra sweaty.

Since you are ordering shirts for a number of students, just get a general order. There isn't much of a reason to take individual orders. When you order in bulk, you will likely receive a discount. Just get a good mix of small, medium and large. You might want to get a few extra smalls and extra larges so you have them on hand.

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