High School Senior T-shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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High school senior t-shirts can be a blast and they can be obnoxious. Having once been a senior in high school, I loved them. My friends loved them. As a senior, you rule the school. When you are a teenager, there is nothing more fun than being a senior in high school. You get to joke about it with your friends. You get first dibs on any school events. You can pull rank for just about anything. It's great!

I only say that high school senior t-shirts are obnoxious when referring to freshman, sophomores and juniors. Being in those grades, you can't wait until you get your shirt and can do all the fun things you see the seniors doing. However, being in those grades makes you appreciate being a senior all the more when you finally get there. When you are a senior, and you wear your shirt, you can't help but feel cool.

Suggestions for High School Senior T-Shirts

If you are part of the committee making these shirts, I'd like to give a few suggestions. First, have a competition among the students. Every senior class that comes through will have a different experience than any other class. You want to give them an opportunity to express their experience through artwork or words. Pick out the top four or five designs and have the senior class vote. You can do this at the end of junior year or the beginning of senior year.

Encourage the students to wear their high school senior t-shirts for pep rallies and other fun events. Many times, students will sit in sections at pep rallies depending on their grades. This causes for quite a loud but fun ruckus in the senior section. The shirts will help bring the students together before they head off to college. After high school, the shirt will remind them of all the fun times of their last year of high school.

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