High School T-shirt Design

Written by Liza Hartung
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You can have a lot of fun with high school T-shirt design. It all depends on what the T-shirt is for. Are you designing for band, choir, the debate team, the drama club, football, wrestling, or graduation? Once you have narrowed down the subject for your shirt, start to look for specifics. Is there anything special about this event, this year or this game? If so, use that in your design.

People want to feel a part of something, but they also want to feel unique. Students don't want the very same shirts that the class last year got. They want their own designs, their own say in what happens. The simplest way to make a shirt different from the year before is to put the year on the shirt. However, some students want more than that.

Many activities, such as prom, will automatically lend themselves to a unique high school T-shirt design. Prom has a different theme each year. Not all schools make shirts for prom, but it is a good idea. It is a great way to do a little fundraising as well. In addition, for many students, prom is a magical night. Having more than just photos to remember it by is something students will truly appreciate.

Creative High School T-Shirt Design

One fun way to come up with a creative high school T-shirt design is to have a contest between the students. However, there is another fun way that gets all the teachers and students involved. For senior shirts, have all the teachers come up with one or two designs that they feel best fit the newest senior class. This can be a big event for each graduating class. It can be a blast, as long as the teachers have fun with the shirt designs.

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