High School T-shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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I don't think any high school experience would be complete without high school t-shirts. There are so many events, clubs and sports that encompass the high school experience. Custom shirts help all those involved feel more of a unit than they would without the shirts. The great thing about these shirts is they can be worn for years afterward. Unless they don't fit anymore, they should get plenty of wear.

Even if you find that your shirt becomes tattered, you can wear it to bed, when working outside in the yard or when doing something crafty like painting. I wear all of my long-sleeved high school t-shirts as "hang out" shirts during the winter. You can get shirts made for virtually everything in high school. During football season, get regular shirts that the students can wear to support the team. You can get special shirts made for the homecoming game or when you play a big rival.

Plays are always great occasions for high school t-shirts. Create an image for the front of the shirt with the name of the play and some objects or a scene that relate to the play's title. On the back, list the cast and crew. If you want, you can get separate shirts for the crew and just write "CREW" on the back. You can also have general shirts for drama club or the acting team.

High School T-Shirts Bring Students Together

Custom shirts are wonderful for academic teams. Whether it's the academic decathlon team, student council or the debate team, uniform shirts can make the group feel connected. Sometimes, all it takes is a good group logo to get the team fired up and ready to win.

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