Law School T-shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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Law school t-shirts are a great opportunity to create a very clever t-shirt design. Law students are obviously quite intelligent. Many of them like to show off a little, especially to friends and family. A shirt is perfect for this. You might want to have little statements of the law that can be used as fun double entendres. The shirts should make a nod toward school spirit as well. Sometimes, graduate students aren't as enthusiastic about team spirit as undergrads, but they are usually proud of what they are studying.

You can certainly create a little fun competition with law school t-shirts, though. Create shirts about the particular type of law each student is practicing. You might want to have different shirts for each year of law school. The very useful and most common shirt has the school logo on the front, either centered or on the breast pocket. If you go with this design, you are sure to please most people.

However, whoever said law students were boring was wrong. Create fun shirts! Use school colors, but in a unique way. You might want to talk about rival schools. Perhaps make some shirts with famous law cases of the past. Students can wear the ones that represent the cases they truly believe in. No matter what you choose for subjects, you are sure to have students wear the shirts.

Keeping Law School T-Shirts in Stock

In order to make sure you always have a good number of law school t-shirts, keep a running order at the shirt company you work with. You should be able to call them up at any point and just say that you need a certain amount of a certain style. If the company has your file ready to go, you should get your order in a timely manner.

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