Patriotic T-shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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Patriotic t-shirts are fun at any time of the year. Obviously, they are the most popular during the Fourth of July holiday season. However, ever since September 11th, sales of these t-shirts have been on the rise. People want to show their backing of the United States. They want to show their support for the troops that are overseas. They want to show that they are proud to be Americans.

There are so many ways to create patriotic shirts aside from the traditional look of the American flag. Generally speaking, these shirts tend to stay in the color scheme of red, white and blue, though they don't have to. Sometimes just a shirt with an old-fashioned red barn and silo is enough to give a little nod the US of A. Any object that is thought of as typically American, such as an apple pie or a baseball, can be considered patriotic.

Unique Patriotic T-Shirts

Veering from the red, white and blue theme, we come across images of firefighters, yellow ribbons tied around trees and rows and rows of farmland. There are so many things that are considered to be truly American. Any one of them could be used on patriotic t-shirts. However, when you are looking for shirts for Independence Day, it's fun and festive to stay with the three colors of our country.

Girls might look for t-shirts or tank tops that have flag-themed hearts. White stars on a blue or red shirt are simple but say it all. For the utmost in simplicity in patriotic t-shirts, wear a white shirt that has a little American flag sitting over the breast pocket or on the edge of a sleeve.

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