Pe Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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PE shirts are wonderful for a number of reasons. Many physical education teachers require a change of clothes for the students. That's fine. No one wants to run around and play basketball in jeans, anyway. However, once having been a PE student, it can get a little annoying having to pick out an outfit all the time. Some kids just don't have the proper clothes. They may have shorts that are too short or too long. Oversized shirts can become cumbersome.

Sometimes, kids get made fun of because of the outfits that they bring from home. This can cause a child or teenager to want to avoid PE class. He or she may feign sickness or sit on the sidelines for as long as possible. Using PE shirts as a kind of uniform rids the class of any tempting reasons to make fun of others. Believe me, this happens more than adults realize. It can be quite damaging for a person who must bear this teasing a few times a week.

Colors of PE Shirts

When you are designing your PE shirts and choosing colors, try to stay away from white. Dirt and sweat show up on white faster than any other color. In addition, if your class is partaking in a particularly rigorous activity, sweat can cause a white shirt to become see-through. This can be embarrassing for both girls and boys. If, for some reason, you must have white, get the thickest fabric available.

Dark colors such as blue or green are always good for physical education shirts. They look good with most skin tones and you can't see dirt too easily. To keep your costs low, use a logo of just one color. You may want to choose the school mascot or have different icons of sports. Use a basketball, tennis racket, sneakers, weights or whatever you like.

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