Pe Uniforms

Written by Liza Hartung
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PE uniforms, much to the general dismay of students, are actually quite a good idea. Students usually aren't big fans of wearing uniforms. However, they will most likely be thankful that they don't have to bring their own clothes to gym class. If they aren't thankful, you will be. The students that really want to wear their own shirts and shorts usually won't be providing clothes that are appropriate for school.

Ideas about PE Uniforms

First, stay away from white uniforms. They can be slightly see-though. If they get sweaty, they can be very see-through. You don't want students to be embarrassed because they are wearing dark undergarments or are uncomfortable with their bodies. Darker, more neutral colors are good. Then, you can put the school mascot on the front or back. You can also put great quotes about physical fitness.

One thing you might want to do with your PE uniforms is to get several different colors. This can help in dividing into teams or groups. Let's say you have chosen four colors. You have red, blue, green and yellow. At the beginning of the year, assign each student a shirt. This will be his or her color for the rest of the year. As you play games with teams, you can easily divide by colors.

Have red and green versus blue and yellow one day. Switch it up for another day. Sometimes in gym class, there will be four different activities going on. Having PE uniforms with different colors will allow for swift arranging of everyone. This also eliminates the whole I-always-get-picked-last syndrome.

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