Pta Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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I think parents love PTA shirts more than students love school shirts. Parents want to be active in their children's lives. When they are members of the Parent Teacher's Association, they have a voice in what goes on in the academic world of their children. Their children might not be telling them everything, but they can get lots of information from PTA meetings.

PTA shirts help parents feel more involved in the function of the school. Not only that, they feel more connected to other parents. When parents know that they aren't alone in dealing with daily issues facing their relationships with their kids, they get through the rough times more easily. Wearing the shirts helps take away any class differences among parents. The shirts make everyone on the same level, the same playing field.

When this happens, parents can get closer. They can more easily talk about school issues and family issues. Plus, PTA shirts help parents feel a part of something. There are so many parents who just go to work and go home. Being a part of the PTA gives them something else to focus on. They get to put on their shirt and head to a meeting. They are part of a group, of a team.

PTA Shirts for Fundraisers

Many PTAs will have fundraisers for their schools. They will either be actively involved, or will just organize the event and have the students run it. In either case, having shirts specially made for this can be a lot of fun. You can instantly tell which parents to talk to about the project. The shirts can make parents feel young again as well.

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