School Band Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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When your band is lacking that all-important look of a team, you might want to consider school band shirts. You don't just have to have one kind of shirt. You can have a shirt for practice, for traveling to away games and just to wear around school. Band is a big deal at many schools. The band might compete in national competitions or play in the Rose Bowl. Some school bands have been known to play on albums of famous musicians.

Unity in School Band Shirts

School band shirts really help a band come together. The moment each player puts on his or her shirt, a feeling of readiness sets in. The players know they are about to begin practice or head out to perform the real thing. When players are allowed to wear what they wore to school that day, they may drag a bit in rehearsal. They have been in their school clothes all day. If they wear the same clothes through practice, they start to feel like the day is dragging on forever.

However, if students change into school band shirts, they have started a new portion of their day. They might get a second wind from the school day behind them. If you want, go ahead and have separate shirts for each band section. You might want to have shirts for the drummers, the wind instruments and so on. If you choose to do this, keep the general theme, just add a little picture or saying to separate the groups.

The reason you don't want all different colored shirts is to keep the band looking like a unit. Most school bands will walk as they play, creating different shapes and words on the field. When you practice in shirts that are all the same color, you can see the shapes more accurately.

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