School Spirit Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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School spirit shirts can be a blast. School spirit is believing in your school and rooting for any school team, be it academic or athletic. As long as your shirts fit this general description, you are all set. You can come up with fun quotes, use rival teams on your shirts or have outrageous cartoons doing spectacular things. It all depends on what event you are making your shirts for.

School spirits shirts can be great fundraisers. If you have students purchase school spirit shirts for homecoming or other big events, you can put the money right back into the school. You can make homecoming all it can be! Homecoming shirts are some of the most fun. You get to excite the student body for the big game, some time off and a big dance. There are hundreds of designs to come up with.

If you want to promote both the game and the dance, have a male and female mascot of your school dancing together while the mascot of the rival team sits in the corner sulking. You can come up with clever phrases about ways your team is going to beat the other team. My senior year, we were playing the Eagles. We had shirts with a toilet on them saying, "Flush the Eagles!" We had a float in the homecoming parade to match.

Year-Round School Spirit Shirts

It's fun to just have school spirit shirts that can work for anytime of year. They can be promoting your teams. If you have a main rival overall, you can have shirts that say something about them. Have a contest among students and see what they come up with for shirt ideas.

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