School Staff Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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School staff shirts are great for so many reasons. You should definitely have them for the first days of school and for parent-teacher nights. You don't want people confused as to whom to talk to. Generally, for the first day of school, it's not hard to tell the teachers from the students--anyone who is an adult is a teacher. However, I have had some very young-looking teachers. It's also a good idea to have teachers wear these shirts for the first days of elementary school.

Younger students can be a little more shy than older students. If the young students know that it is safe to talk to any adult in the white/purple/gold shirt, they will feel more comfortable. As the days go on, the children will come to know who the teachers are, whether or not they are wearing school staff shirts. If you are working with elementary school children, make the shirts fun and visually appealing. Include cartoon characters if you so wish.

School Staff Shirts for Events

It's a good idea to have staff shirts for fun events like field days, homecomings or pep rallies. Generally, not all teachers and staff members are active participants in these events. Therefore, having the shirts will help distinguish who is and who isn't participating. With school staff shirts, students will know who they can address questions to. In addition, these shirts will help staff get in the mood for the events.

The great thing about school shirts is that you can use them over and over again. You probably want to have some shirts that the teachers keep on a permanent basis, that are not advertising a particular event. However, for event shirts, you can use them from year to year. Polo shirts are wonderful just for staff in general. You can put the name of the school or the mascot in the top corner.

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