School Uniform Shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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School uniform shirts can take on any number of looks. A Catholic school is likely to have a very different uniform than a regular private school. The goal here is usually to keep the students focused. The argument for uniforms has been that keeping everyone in the same outfit keeps students from wearing distracting clothes that could take away from academics. It's also nice to know what you are going to wear the next day (no wardrobe stress necessary!).

I went to a public school where we could wear our own clothes. It was nice, but many times (when I needed to do laundry or didn't like anything I owned), I wished I had a uniform. Now, just because there are school uniform shirts does not mean they have to be boring. This is the general perception of students. They hear that they have to wear uniforms and they think the shirts will be stuffy and ugly.

There is a way to meet in the middle. First, the school should offer several options for shirts, not just one standard style. Some people feel comfortable in polos. Others would prefer a crew neck t-shirt. Most would like to have a sweatshirt or other heavier shirt in case the classroom gets cold.

Colors of School Uniform Shirts

You might also want to have two or more base colors as options for school uniform shirts. Most schools have two school colors. It's not a bad idea to offer shirts in both. This way, if one color makes a student look washed out or accentuates things the student doesn't want accentuated, he or she can choose the other color. For basic shirts, include the school name and the mascot. For seniors, think about putting the graduation year on the shirts. It makes them feel important and serves as a great keepsake.

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