School Uniforms

Written by Liza Hartung
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For years there has been an ongoing debate concerning school uniforms. Do they take away the freedom of expression? Do they help students learn more effectively by keeping attention off clothing? Should girls have to wear skirts? These questions and more have circled among school boards, parents and children. They could be answered both positively and negatively in many directions.

Ultimately, I believe it is the job of the parents and teachers to bring knowledge and a desire to learn to the students. I never went to a school that required uniforms. I found that clothing was rarely distracting. There were rules about lengths of shorts and skirts, but that was it. I also have many friends who did have to wear uniforms. They say they loved the school uniforms. My friends never had to pick out what they were going to wear the next day.

That is definitely one argument for school uniforms. Some kids just don't have the money to wear different outfits every day, nor can they afford the "cool" clothes. Uniforms can also help put students in "school mode." Sometimes, when kids are left to their own clothing devices, they will wear things that remind them sitting on the couch and watching television. Keeping students in uniforms can help keep them on track.

What School Uniforms?

When designing your uniforms, you want to keep the students in mind as well as the teachers. Students don't want anything too boring or too uptight. They also don't want anything they feel uncomfortable in. Make sure the uniforms fit well. Make sure there are warm ones and lighter ones. Even though it's summer outside, the air conditioning can cause students to become cold. Keep these things in mind.

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