Sorority T-shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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I hardly know where to begin with sorority t-shirts--the occasions and options are virtually endless. For one single school year, there could be dozens of shirts. There are shirts for rush, dances, clubs, nights out, days in and more. Many sorority girls prefer to wear their shirts to school or when going out for a day of fun. Therefore, there must be more than one option. If you want to wear two or three shirts a week, they must fit well and be diverse.

The best sorority t-shirts are tank tops, v-necks or crew necks. In general, they should fit snugly. However, if you are getting shirts made so that the girls can hang out in them, you should get slightly larger sizes. You just feel better in a large t-shirt when you're sitting with your girlfriends watching Say Anything and eating ice cream. Larger shirts also make great cover-ups for the beach or pool.

Go Crazy with Sorority T-Shirts

When you are creating shirts for rush, you can really go all out. You will likely want several kinds of shirts. First, you want shirts for the girls who are already in the house. Then, you will want the crazy shirts for the girls who are rushing. Finally, having nice shirts ready for the girls who get in the house is a way of welcoming them. The shirts can be as simple as, "Rush (and the year)."

On all sorority t-shirts, you will want your Greek letters. However, on every shirt you design, you may not want the letters to dominate. Therefore, find a clever little place to put them. They could go along the collar line. The breast pocket is always good. For cuter and more discreet places, try the end of the sleeve or just below the collar line in the back.

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