Wrestling T-shirts

Written by Liza Hartung
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Wrestling t-shirts have to be tough. This is not a sport for the weak, so the team's shirts cannot be weak, either. Wrestlers are stealthy, sly and strong. They must be one step ahead of their opponents. Shirts for a sport like this must represent the mindsets of the players. They are a force to be reckoned with. Black is always a great color for these shirts. If you choose black, go with silver or gold lettering for maximum effect.

When you look at wrestling t-shirts, you should know instantly what sport they are for. Therefore, I suggest putting two wrestlers locked together on the front of the shirt. You can make this look as realistic as you like. Of course, there are other ways to go as well. If the shirts are for the members of the team, you might want to consider putting their last names on the front or back. That way, there is no question as to whether the person is a wrestler or just a fan of wrestling.

Wrestling T-Shirts for High School

When you are working with high school wrestling t-shirts, you might want to put the school's mascot on the shirts. You could even have the mascot in a wrestling pose. If you are playing a rival team and want some shirts for the big game, come up with a fun phrase like, "Head lock the (other team name)!" The big rival team is usually the same from year to year. Therefore, students and players can save their shirts for the following years.

Sometimes it's nice just to have wresting shirts to wear around town. For this, use school colors. If you want an understated yet effective shirt, simply put the mascot and sport name in small letters somewhere on the shirt. You can wear this kind of shirt with almost anything. Just be creative and have fun!

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