Wholesale Beanie Hats With Logos

Written by Wes Farrell
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Are you looking for wholesale beanie hats with logos of cool skate brands? I own a small skate shop and I make a killing off beanies. Pretty much everyone I know owns a couple of them. They're really the only way to keep your head warm in cold temperatures. Baseball hats do a poor job of actually keeping you warm.

What's great about beanies is that they're all made of knitted material. This pretty much ensures that you'll stay warm. It's a fact that heat leaves your body in two main places. These are your head and your feet. You already have socks and shoes for your feet, and now you get beanies for your head.

Inexpensive Wholesale Beanie Hats with Logos

I recently learned that the only way for my skate shop to turn a major profit was if I bought everything wholesale. Wholesale beanie hats with logos sell like hot cakes. I never realized how popular beanies had become recently. If you ski or snowboard, then you have no other alternative besides beanies. It's such a great open market.

The key to selling beanies is to make sure you get cool name brand beanies. I've noticed the ones that sell the most are the ones that have logos of skate or snow companies. My favorite ones are Volcom, Hurley, and Dragon. These brands in particular are always sold out.

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