Wholesale Beanie Knit Caps

Written by Wes Farrell
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If you're looking for information about wholesale beanie knit caps, don't look any further. Beanies are the best thing to keep your head warm. They work a hundred times better than baseball caps. They're pretty much all knit, so the fabric is a lot more comfortable against your head than any kind of sports cap.

I'm the owner of a small skate shop and I recently invested in wholesale beanie knit caps and I couldn't be happier with my choice. They're selling like crazy and I'm turning a great profit. Being the owner of a small shop makes profit hard to come by. I've learned that online wholesale merchandise is definitely the only way to go.

The key to picking cool beanies is to make sure you find good brand names. I'm a big fan of the extreme sports brand names like Burton, Dragon, Volcom, and Hurley. These are probably the most popular names for beanies. Don't waste your time with poser companies like Diesel and Von Dutch that charge 50 bucks for beanies.

Wholesale Beanie Knit Caps Make Great Gifts

I used to buy all my clothing from a different distributor. One day I was bored and looked online just to see how much other skate distributors cost and I found out I was getting totally ripped off. By picking an online distributor, you can compare prices on tons of wholesale merchandise and get the best price available.

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