Wholesale Distributer Urban Wear

Written by Wes Farrell
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You're here looking for a wholesale distributor urban wear. I own a small skate shop and I recently learned the best place to get cheap merchandise is definitely online. My old distributor used to completely rip me off.

All merchants should buy clothes wholesale. It's the only way to even make a profit. The best thing about urban clothing is that it's generally cheap to begin with. So when you buy wholesale distributor urban wear, you only have to mark up the prices a bit to make a good profit. The urban wear trend is great for small stores like mine because lower, middle, and upper class kids all want to be seen in urban wear.

Wholesale Distributor Urban Wear for Cheap

Consider getting urban clothing for your stores while the trend is still hot. Look at the last big clothing trend. It was overpriced, preppy Abercrombie-style clothes ($60 for a shirt?). It was only a matter of time before edgier and cheaper urban clothing became popular.

What exactly is urban clothing? I like to define it as skater gear. This type of clothing is so popular that you can't turn on the television without seeing all the stars wearing forms of skater gear. Just look at how popular the skating scene has become recently--you can see pro skaters like Valleley and Muska on major networks like Fox Sports regularly now.

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