Wholesale Fitted Hats

Written by Wes Farrell
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Wholesale fitted hats are a great way to boost business. I'm the owner of a small skate shop and flexfit hats bring in a good profit. It's pretty tough owning a small store. I have to buy most of my merchandise from a wholesale distributor if I want to turn a profit.

Cheap Wholesale Fitted Hats

Hats are necessities for lots of people. If you live in a cold area, then you definitely own beanies or a couple hats. They're also extremely stylish and are perfect for representing your favorite sports team. You basically can't go wrong with a nice flexfit hat or beanie.

The key to selling lots of wholesale fitted hats is to get really cool ones with good brand names. I've found in my neighborhood that the ones that sell the best are the ones that have skate or snowboard logos on them. My favorite brands are the Volcom, Hurley, Dragon, and Emerica.

What makes fitted hats so great is that they're pre-fitted. Remember back in the '80s when all baseball hats came with that little plastic strap that you had to adjust to fit to the size of your head? Those days are long in the past. With flexfit caps, one size pretty much fits all people.

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