Wholesale Skate Decks

Written by Wes Farrell
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Looking for a great way to make money? Try wholesale skate decks. If you skate a lot, then most likely you've gone through a ton of decks. Decks are pretty expensive if you go for the top quality pro boards. Unless you're sponsored, it's really hard to afford these. This is where wholesale skate decks come into play. They're cheap and they get the job done.

I've been skating for over 10 years. The sport has really taken off in the last few years. You see pro skaters on all kinds of media programs. Tony Hawk is practically a household name now. More and more kids are starting to skate and the talent pool is ridiculous.

Wholesale Skate Decks for Skate Shops

By getting deck at wholesale prices, your store can make a solid profit. All skaters need a deck of some kind. It's a skating necessity. You can't skate without a skateboard and the main part of a skateboard is the deck. It's also the most expensive.

With a good solid deck, you can perform tons of tricks. There's nothing better than breaking in a new deck. You pretty much end up shredding up the side with the logo anyways, so there's no real point in getting a cool design on it. If you're just getting into skating, then you don't even need a pro deck.

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