Discount Designer Handbags

Written by Tara Peris
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The cachet of designer handbags has changed very little over the years. From Grace Kelly's ever-present Hermes bag to Gwyneth Paltrow and her trademark Balenciaga, we are a society enamoured by celebrities and their fashion choices. Although designer handbags were once the domain of the rich and famous, these days, there are a number of ways to put top-of-the-line handbags within reach.

In the Bag

In a fashion conscious society, designer handbags serve many functions. For some, they are status symbols connoting wealth and social standing. For others, they are works of art, marked by superior craftsmanship and distinctive aesthetic design. For still others, designer handbags are functional accessories, known to stand the test of time and withstand years of use.

Each of these factors contributes to the hefty price tag associated with most designer bags. From of-the-moment designs from Prada and Gucci to classics from Chanel and Valentino, you can expect a starting price of several hundred dollars. If you're looking for a leather bag, this price moves quickly into the thousands.

You are paying for quality, and of course, you are paying for the label. However, if you're resourceful, it is possible to find discount designer bags. Most department stores have annual sales that slash prices considerably, and a number of online retailers specialize in the overflow from high-end stores. Just be sure you're dealing with a reliable vendor so that you can ensure the quality and authenticity of what you buy. Another option is to focus on finding the best materials and replicas. That way, you can have a range of handbags without sacrificing quality.

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