Handbags And Backpacks

Written by Tara Peris
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Handbags and backpacks are among the most common fashion accessories. Without a doubt, it is the crazed and fast-paced momentum of the daily routine that forces all of us to carry the trappings of our active lifestyles with us through the day. From office totes to weekend backpacks, we need room for our belongings and we need a stylish mode of transporting them.

The Things We Carry

It is often said that you can judge a woman by her handbag. Teenagers sling everything in sight into their bags, from lipstick and diaries to who knows what else. The bag becomes a room of its own. Grown women may also pack a good deal into their bags, carrying large purses to accommodate both professional and personal needs. Of course, this is where the fashion commentators sharpen their claws and begin the catty review. A true lady, they say, carries a handbag and adjusts it as needed to suit her outfits and needs.

This view has appeared in various forms from various designers and commentators for years. Although a bit unrealistic given today's fast-paced society (who has time for such trivial undertakings?), the idea of different bags for work and for play persists. It fuels the market for fashion handbags and keeps us looking for appropriate accessories to carry our belongings. From clutches to totes, backpacks to briefcases, most people rely on more than one bag.

The reality is that these days, everybody has a lot to carry. Cell phones, pagers, and portable devices are just the beginning, as busy lifestyles call on us to carry a growing number of daily accessories. We may be able to downgrade on occasion to a smaller form of transport, but our biggest need is for handbags and backpacks that serve a functional purpose. With this in mind, the purchase of quality bags is often one of the smartest investments you can make.

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