Jeans Belts

Written by Tara Peris
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Once upon a time, it was easy to find a suitable belt for your jeans. Just about any belt would do, from that conservative piece used at work to the formal accent worn with dressier outfits. Your jeans were flexible, and they could accommodate just about anything.

A New Breed of Belt

Those times have changed and so have your blue jeans. You've probably noticed this. Anyone who has attempted to purchase a pair of jeans in the last few years has noticed dropping waistlines and tightening fabrics. Like a second layer of skin, modern blue jeans have introduced a whole new kind of cleavage.

This makes many women uncomfortable. After all, who can swing those super low-rise styles without worrying about tummy or hip-related figure flaws? Not many! Yet, it would seem that low-rise styles are here to stay. The only alternative is to learn to love them or, at the very least, to learn to make them work for you.

The best way to do this is to look for belts that make your jeans more comfortable. A good belt will keep your pants from sagging out when you sit and can make you feel just a bit more covered. It may be tough if your jeans do not offer the saving option of belt-loops; however this should not be a deterrent. Most women can find ways to swing a belt regardless of the loops by using scarves or cloth fabric belts as fun, funky alternatives.

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