Leather Backpacks

Written by Tara Peris
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If you have ever used a leather backpack, you know what a difference it can make. Infinitely more comfortable than a conventional canvas pack, and more interesting than a traditional handbag, these leather carryalls are easier on the back and on the eyes. They are soft, yet durable and they can withstand the rigors of the most active daily routine.

Take a Load off

Doctors have plenty of advice on how to carry backpacks for optimum health. Try to keep the weight evenly distributed, they say, and adjust straps regularly so that you bear weight in your hips rather than on your spine. However, if you are buying a small-scale backpack as an alternative to a purse, you won't need to worry about this--you only need to worry about toting your bag with the right amount of panache.

For some items, materials make all the difference. Leather backpacks are one such example. Leather is an ideal material for a backpack because it is simultaneously rugged and soft. This distinctive combination allows it to be durable, making backpacks a long-term investment, as well as gorgeous.

Clearly, leather backpacks are easy on the eyes. Many women tire of the standard purses and choose a backpack for convenience. The next step is to graduate to leather; it simply looks more attractive and professional. Better still, leather needs little more than periodic treatment to stay clean and maintain its good looks. Sleek, simple, and tasteful, leather backpacks are an easy way to transport your goods while still preserving a polished appearance.

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