Leather Belt Manufacturers

Written by Tara Peris
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Leather belt manufacturers have expanded their product lines in recent years. Increasingly, they are recognizing the popularity of this wardrobe staple and are placing a premium on creativity and fresh design when developing their products. The result is an array of fun, fashionable new belt designs that are well worth looking into.

New Trends to Consider

Gone are the days of the simple, one-inch leather belt. Although you can still find plenty of these traditional office favorites, there are much more interesting options to consider. If you wish to keep it conservative, you can opt for braided leather designs or unusual finishes or dyes that add a subtle twist to the standard routine.

If you're ready to make a break with convention, the options are even more encouraging. These days, leather belts can be dyed just about any color and the result is some really bold new designs. Rich olives and reds are only the beginning. In small doses, these vibrant colors provide great punctuation to just about any outfit. The same is true for funky hardware.

Of course, leather belt manufacturers have expanded not only their dye selections, but their skin selections as well. In addition to traditional calfskin, look for belts in elegant alligator and ostrich materials. These belts will cost you a little more, but they are luxury pieces that will prove more than worth it over many years of use.

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